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Rodney the Magician

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A Magic show that is a little comedy, a little magic and a whole lot of fun!

Serving Nashville, TN since 1985
A show perfect for birthdays, churches, and school events, or any audience ready to have fun!

The Magic Show

With the Birthday Parties and smaller shows (15 to 30 kids) you get a 45 to 60 minute show and then I make balloon animals for all the kids. The show includes 2 doves and a rabbit.... and yes, the kids can pet the animals after the show :) ... or during the show, sometimes they just can't wait! While they're petting I try to get a group photo if possible. If you've invited adults to the party, they'll like the show too!

girl volunteer holding wand with bird on it

There are 4 segments in the show when I pick someone to help with the magic. Audience participation is always a hit!

alien balloon animal

If you're having a smaller party with 15 to 30 kids I'll make balloon animals after the show. Kids Love the balloon animals!

Rufus the magic rabbit

Rufus the rabbit attends every show I do, but don't tell the kids, it'll be a wonderful surprise :)

two children petting the magical doves after the magic show

If it's hot and you're having your event outside, I can do it, no problem, but I may not be able to let all the kids pet the birds and I may have to hide the rabbit inside till it's his time to shine!

child touching the magical bird that just appeared

Usually, at most parties and events we do the show first and then continue with whatever activities you have planned, but I'm flexible :)

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If you have more questions about the show, send a text to:
(615) 423-2636
or see the FAQ below.

Magic Show - Birthdays

BIRTHDAY PARTY INFORMATION - (See info for Larger Magic Shows below)

Planning on having a Birthday Party??

Are you ready to have a blast ??!!

For Birthday Parties we usually have the Magic Show first. This gives your guests a chance to laugh and get acquainted with their surroundings.
The Magic Show usually lasts around 45 to 60 minutes or so and is filled with lots of comedy, 2 doves and at the end a rabbit!
(don't tell the kids!! Let's make the animals a surprise)
Each time an animal appears we give the kids some time to come up and pet the animal and pose for a photo,,,
We also try for group photos, which sometimes are very hard, but we try!
Some photos actually turn out frame-able! the show is suitable for adults too, the parents will get a kick out of watching the kids!

So, after the magic show the group goes to celebrate by singing and cake or they start the birthday games,,, whichever happens, I will follow and make balloon animals while the kids are doing other activities. By the time the other activities are done I will have made enough balloon animals to make everyone happy.

With the Birthday Package you will receive:
A 45 to 60 minute Magic Show - (Complete with 2 Doves and Rabbit)
and a balloon animal for the kids

All times are approximate, some audiences will sit longer than others and some will only sit for 30 minutes... I try and cater to the children and what they want to do... Most birthdays have under 25 Children, if there are more we can make arrangements (I need to reserve more time to make extra balloon animals - no extra charges)...This is the usual set-up for most parties and if you would require something different for your party

If you are in Davidson County (Tennessee) or in a county touching Davidson there are no travel charges...

Total Price: $225.00

This is an event your child will remember for many years to come!
Plan on having Magic at your next Party!!
For special requests or if you just have questions .. call me ..
I offer no hassle, No Pressure advice!
(615) 423-2636 (cell - yes! I text)

I don't know how the rest do it, but when it comes to birthday parties, the birthday child should be the "Star of the Show"! Their special day should be something that they talk about for many years to come.
I like to end the show with the birthday child waving the magic wand over the box and the magic makes the dove change into a rabbit!!
Don't tell the birthday child about the animals in the show, let it be a fantastic surprise on their special day!

Nashville Magician Rodney Kelley performing a paper trick in front of a school

(615) 423-2636

Text Rodney now to see if he's available for your event...

Magic Show FAQ

Most typical parties have 15 to 25 kids and that is usually for the Birthdays, other events will vary. Just give me a round about head count so that I can plan accordingly (with balloon making and the show).

None. I do not take a deposit nor do I collect any money until you are 100% satisfied! ... and most pay by Venmo, check or cash after the show is over.

You get a one hour show and one hour of balloon making. I do not charge by the hour on Birthdays, I charge by the event so if I stay longer at your Birthday, don't worry, no extra charge. Unless you invite a huge number of kids, birthdays are still the same price ... $225

All shows include 2 doves and a rabbit. You can opt out of the live animals by simply requesting it but it will greatly change the feel of the entire show ... and after seeing how much the kids LOVE the animals, we don't recommend it.

YES! Please do it will be a great memory for your son or daughter! and you're welcome to post a trick or two to social media ... BUT posting the entire show online is not allowed. Yes, take video and as many photos as you like.

I started performing in Nashville in 1985 at Opryland Theme park and have been loving it ever since! I performed more than 12,000 shows at Opryland Theme Park over an 11 year period! Since Opryland closed, a normal week includes 4 or 5 shows.

If you are doing a Birthday party you need a minimum of 2 hours. If you have games or crafts for the kids you may need 30 or so more minutes. 

Yes, the Birthday Package is $225 and that includes everything (unless you have a really large group). If you have another type of event call for pricing.

Venmo, check or cash.

The sooner you call or text the better. But, if I'm available and you need a show tomorrow, I'll be there!! ... the busiest months for entertainers are June, July, October and December. If you want a party during those months, call or text as soon as you can.

Larger Magic Shows

The Magic Show - Corporate, Churches, School shows!

The Corporate Shows - Churches - School Shows are also a great
amount of fun but with just a larger crowd!

The larger shows usually start at $300 for just the show ... but it really depends on what your circumstances are and your setup. Most of the time I have to set up a sound system, which is not a problem. The sound system I bring is wireless and small, and your group can also use the system for their announcements, speeches or awards. 

I'm always ready to come and have a blast with your party!

Rodney the Magician
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