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Thank you for visiting the website! Here's a few articles that hopefully will make your party a bit more fun!!

Articles to help make your party a success!

If you've never planned a party or had 25 kids at your house, these articles may help! but simply hiring a magician will certainly make your job soooo much easier!

kids at a birthday party sitting at table having cake

10 Birthday Party Planning Hints for Mothers 
- Article by Rodney

children watching Rodney the Magician performing balloon trick

10 More Birthday Party Planning Hints for Mothers - Article by Rodney

children watching comedy magic trick with Rodney the Magician

Nashville Birthday Party Venue Ideas - Can't decide where to have your party? This article is for you!

Other Articles for your amusement :)

Rufus the Rabbit sitting next to a party hat

A funny story about what kids actually think :)

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