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Glitter Tattoo Artist - Rodney Kelley

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If you have a table at your house we can set up a glitter tattoo paradise :) ... the kids can watch others get a tattoo so they'll know what to expect, and they can also look at the tattoo menu and be deciding which tattoo they'll get and what color.

Glitter Tattoos in 
Nashville, TN

Some kids go goo-goo over glitter!
If you have a group that loves glitter,
you're in the right place. 
We have the glitter and it comes in all different sparkly colors :)

pumpkin glitter tattoo

It's usually better to do the tattoos at a table, but, in some cases I've set up on the floor. I'm flexible!

smiley face gold and red glitter tattoo

I try to have a variety of choices so both the boys and girls have plenty of tattoo choices.

purple bear claw glitter tattoo

You can have other activities going on at your party and I'll do the tattoos in the "background" so I don't disturb the action :)

display board of glitter tattoo choices

At smaller parties I have a "tattoo menu" book that the kids can look at and at larger parties I use the board pictured above so all can choose which tattoo they'd like.

gold and silver bumble bee glitter tattoo

Wherever I do the glitter tattoos I lay out a towel so it catches all the extra glitter. We try to keep the glitter contained.

green dinosaur glitter tattoo

If you have more questions about the glitter tattoos see the FAQ below or send Rodney a text
(615) 423-2636

Glitter Tattoo FAQ

Absolutely! All materials used have been FDA approved for glitter tattoos. 

Glitter tattoos are easily removed with baby oil or rubbing alcohol, either will remove it immediately. If you don't remove the tattoo it should last from 2 to 5 days.

That is a very good question that I can't answer. Sometimes I can whip right thru a bunch of tattoos quickly, but some kids have questions and want to look at the colors of the glitter etc .... Some kids take longer than others so I always plan a bit of extra time just in case.

I'll have a menu that the kids can look at while they're waiting. It will give them all the tattoo options. All of the glitter colors will be sitting in front of me at the table so they can pick their colors as we go along.

YES! boys love glitter tattoos almost as much as the girls! the boys like the spider tattoo and the lizard tattoos, very popular. 

If you look at regular tattoo options I probably have 40 to 50 different tattoos for the kids to choose from but also I have a dozen Halloween tattoos that are good any time of year!

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