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10 More Hints :)

10 MORE Birthday Party Planning
Hints for Mothers

10 helpful hints to help you survive the party!

1. Keep the party moving! ... these are kids and they have an extremely small attention span and when you have their full attention you need to keep them involved and moving. Once you give them something dull and boring to do, they lose faith in their leader, so keep it moving and fun!

2. Nametags - If you want something fun and something that will help you out a thousand times, use nametags. They can decorate the nametags by writing their names on them and putting stickers on them. Each nametag gives you immediate control by being able to call them by their name, and a child responds to you quicker when called by name.

3. Use a carpet or blanket. - If you place a carpet or blanket on the floor the children will sit and eat on this blanket and they will choose their own seat next to their best friend or next to another child they know. Sometimes the boys sit together and girls sit together, but this blanket or carpet will save your home carpet should a child spill. This blanket will also serve as an area where the kids can sit to enjoy the Magic Show. This also gives the children boundaries as to where they should be sitting during the show. It's so easy to say, "We're all supposed to be sitting on the blanket" and the area is already defined and your carpet or home flooring is protected. If you have white wall to wall carpeting in your home, you absolutely need to follow this idea!

4. Time for restrooms! - If you have an activity or a Magic Show remind the children to take a restroom break before the activity or show. None of the children want to miss the excitement, so remind them before the activity begins.

5. If the children are sitting on their blanket or seated on the floor seat the smaller children in the front if possible. During the show or activity children tend to get excited and sit on their legs or they tend to sit up to be able to see better. By seating the smaller children in front they will be able to see everything without having to dodge or stand up to see.

6. Balloons ....This is pretty simple but it helps and your guests will know exactly where to go if you simply tie a couple of balloons on the mailbox. Trust me, it helps! An entertainer can smell balloons a mile away and any of your guests that have never been to your house will instantly know where they're going. It will make your guests smile before they've even arrived.

7. When setting up the date for the party, always ask about a couple of dates. If you call relatives and friends to ask availability and suddenly find out Grandma can't make it on that date then you have to call them all again. Save yourself some time and get a backup plan B date just in case.

8. Why make a special trip? Plan your theme and party ideas early, that way you can pick up all the items you need for the party on your regular schedule. Why go back to the grocery just to pick up items for the party? Why make a special trip to Walmart just for the party? Plan ahead and pick them up on your regularly scheduled trip to these places. Save yourself some time.

9. Pets - make plans to put your pet in a room away from the action. Plan a bedroom away from the party and leave your pet in this room. If your party is inside put the dog out in the back yard, I've seen pets scared out of their fur by 25 children celebrating. Your furry friend will Thank YOU!

10. If you want 50% of the hassle taken out of the party, hire an entertainer that does 3 to 5 birthday parties a week - they will make your job so much easier. It's a fact.....

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