Magician Rodney Kelley

Magician Rodney Kelley, Magician Rick Moore, Donna Moore in front of the Giza Pyramids in Egypt

Rodney the Magician

In Egypt & Jordan

Yes! We made it to the Pyramids of Egypt!
We also made it to the spot where Moses spoke to God. WOW, Amazing!

Rick Moore, Donna Moore, Rodney Kelley on camels ready to go to the Pyramids of Egypt

the ride to the Giza Pyramids!
Our favorite part of Egypt was riding to and seeing the Giza Pyramids! The show in Cairo went very well too!!!

Giza Pyramids

The Sphinx and the Pyramids
a shot taken after we were done .....just stunning in person. this view will totally take your breath away.

Rick Moore and Rodney Kelley in front of the Cairo Museum

yes ... we actually had a day off to visit the Cairo Museum. I could have spent a week in there.

USO Tour with Rodney Kelley, Rick Moore, David Turner at the Coliseum in Rome

the entry to the Memorial to Moses - Amman, Jordan ... it absolutely takes your breath away thinking that you stood in the exact spot where Moses stood!

family having fun at Mexicali Grill

View from atop Mt Nebo - this is the view of the promise land that Moses was not allowed to enter.

Magician Rodney Kelley promo photo

the view from Mt Nebo where Moses spoke to God

kids at a birthday party sitting at table having cake

the Serpent and the Cross sculpture atop Mt Nebo

children watching Rodney the Magician performing balloon trick

Ready to ride thru the Sinai Desert to go to our show!
Our journey led us to North Camp in El Gorah, Egypt ... a Nato Base....located about 25 miles south of Israel and the Gaza Strip

children watching comedy magic trick with Rodney the Magician

New Years Eve
We spent New Years Eve at North Camp in El Gorah, Egypt with Patrick! Fun Times!!

at North Base Camp - El Gorah, Egypt
Dinner after the show!

a church near the spot where Jesus was baptized

at the Baptism Site of Jesus Christ

approaching the place where Jesus was baptized

Visiting the Dead Sea - we took off our shoes and got in.

Rick and Wassim
Wassim was our driver for some of the sight seeing! What an awesome guy...

in Amman, Jordan - the American Embassy
the show went great!!

my favorite shot from the second show in Amman, Jordan... what a great volunteer! so much fun!

Our hotel in Amman, Jordan

We had to try on the head gear!

viewing sacred tiles that were made by Jesus

Dinner with Wassim
Our driver in Amman, Jordan was Wassim and he showed us around ... his dinner restaurant was excellent!

Rodney the Magician
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