Magician Rodney Kelley

Magician Rodney Kelley in Germany posing with a huge castle behind him

Rodney the Magician

in Germany!

One of the most fantastic things about Germany, they have castles everywhere! and each castle has it's own personality. Our driver was Road Rage Rudy and he turned out to be a friend we'll never forget!
Thank you Rudy and Germany for making us feel so very welcome :)


Rudiger Widdrat and Rick Moore smiling

Rudy and Rick

Rodney Kelley, Rick Moore, Rudiger Widdrat and Donna Moore standing in from of the touring bus

Rudy, Rick, Donna, Rodney, Erica
In the back you can see the bus that we traveled in all thru Europe... it was truly first class, just like the driver!

Road Rage Rudy (Rudiger Widdrat) wearing a balloon hat

Road Rage Rudy
Road Rage Rudy was our driver in Germany and the best friend a man could ever ask for!! He liked my balloon making so much he later went into the balloon making business and quit driving ..... and he certainly is perfect for working with balloons and kids!

Road Rage Rudy, Rick Moore, Rodney Kelley, Donna Moore standing in front of the German Alps Mountains

Rodney, Rick, Rudy, Donna
I think these are the mountains in Garmish, they were just so wonderful to look at we all had to get a picture!

Road Rage Rudy and Rodney kelley in Germany

Rodney and Rudy
Want to know the best thing about Germany?! Road Rage Rudy ... Thank You for everything, you will be in our hearts forever!

Road Rage Rudy and Donna Moore posing on a tank at a military base in Germany

Rudy and Donna
can you believe they''re playing with this antique gun ... and having a blast!

photo of the Magic Show audience in Germany

It''s Showtime!

military base sign advertising Moore Magic More Fun Magic Show at Rhein Main military base

Our magic show sign at one of the bases.

Michael Tourney, Rick Moore, Rodney Kelley, Road Rage Rudy posing before magic show

Michael, Rick, Rodney, Rudy
we met up with Michael during one of the tours to catch up and visit a bit .... really it''s just great friends having fun ..... and the German food and bier are a great way to enjoy the evening!

Magician Rodney Kelley posing with Neuschwanstein Castle in background

Neuschwanstein Castle
Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria This is the castle that Disney patterned after to make their castle in the Magic Kingdom - We were lucky enough to get to go inside and visit twice!!

Magician Rick Moore, Road Rage Rudy and Magician Rodney Kelley posing in front of a windmill in Holland

Road Rage Rudy picked us up in the Silver Eagle in Holland and of course before we left I had to have a photo with a windmill.

Magician Rick Moore, Donna Moore, Road Rage Rudy, Ventriloquist David Turner, Magician Rodney Kelley posing on stage before a magic show in Germany

A great photo before one of our shows.

Road Rage Rudy during the Burnt Shoe Trick with Magician Rick Moore and child

The famous shoe trick - a volunteers shoe ends up getting burned and vanishes only later to re-appear in Rudy''s back pocket!! All audiences loved this trick!!!!!

Rick and Donna Moore posing in front of castle in Germany

We're having coffee in a castle and look at the background! Beautiful!

Road Rage Rudy making a balloon animal after magic show

Balloon Rudy
After he quit driving - now he''s a balloon guy! Good luck with all your ballooning Rudy!!

Road Rage Rudy and Gisela on their wedding day

Rudy and Gisela!

Magician Rodney Kelley, Magician Rick Moore, Ventriloquist David Turner standing in front of a large castle in Germany

I need to look in my notes and see if I can find the name of the castles in these photos... here we are leaving after visiting the castle and eating a bit inside and of course having coffee! - a great day ...

Rick, Donna, Erica and Rodney

Rodney the Magician
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