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In Greece!

Olympia Greece, Akrotiri Royal Air Force Base on the Island of Crete and seeing the U-2 plane..... What a trip!

Donna Moore, Rick Moore, Rodney Kelley standing next to the sign for Akrotiri Royal Air Force Base in Crete, Greece

entrance to the gate at Akrotiri

Donna Moore, Rick Moore, Rodney Kelley with the pilot of the U-2 plane at Akrotiri Air Force Base, Crete Greece

I should have written down the pilots name but didn't ... We got to take a look at the U-2 plane before it took off ...

Rick Moore and the pilot standing in front of the U-2 plane at the Akrotiri Air Force Base in Greece

another shot of the U-2 ... this plane is used for reconnaissance missions and was sooo cool! yes, we were allowed to look inside but no touching as the plane was ready for take off.

Rick holding the Stars and Strips military newspaper

after checking out the plane we got to watch the pilot as they were checking his suit and getting him ready to fly

Rodney Kelley, Donna Moore, Rick Moore standing in car driving pilot to U-2 plane in Crete Greece

and we even got to escort him to the plane and watch the U-2 take off

U-2 plane taking off

Wow ... what a cool day! There he goes!

great view of the Island of Crete

view of harbor on Island of Crete Greece

just a really cool island, 

Glitter Tattoo infinity heart

Was great to stop at some of the local eateries in Crete ... we wanted to try some of the local food.

USO Tour with Rodney Kelley, Rick Moore, David Turner at the Coliseum in Rome

Rick, Donna and myself with another fantastic view of Crete, Greece.

family having fun at Mexicali Grill

we ate at an eatery by the ocean and met a pelican walking thru around in back of the restaurant, very cool!

Navy plane with pilot and Rick Moore, Donna Moore & Rodney Kelley after flight to Crete

I'm not exactly sure why but, the Navy supplied us with our own plane to fly to Crete and Larissa ... I guess commercial flights weren't available.

a photo from the Olympic stadium and somewhere I also have photos from the Museum in Olympia but can't find them.

All of our shows in Greece were at night so we had fun during the day!

should I have left this photo out?
perhaps sometimes we had too much fun!

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