Magician Rodney Kelley

Donna Moore, Crystal Stupar, Rick Moore, Rodney Kelley in San Marcos Square in Venice, Italy

Rodney the Magician

in Italy

We were lucky enough to go to Venice on three different trips to Italy! Hard to believe that Venice is sinking. Just so very glad I got to see it!

Rodney Kelley, Rick Moore, Donna Moore standing and waiting for a gondola ride in Venice

Rodney, Rick, Donna
Yes! We rode the gandola!

photo of a gondola in Venice in the canal

another view of Venice

Magician Rodney Kelley standing in San Marco Square in Venice Italy

St Marco Square - Venice

Rodney Kelley, Rick Moore, David Turner at the Coliseum in Rome, Italy

At The Colosseum in Rome, Italy
with Rodney, Donna, Rick, Dave

our USO group with Vicki our Coordinator in Sicily, Italy

after the show in Sicily

Magician Rodney Kelley performing magic show in Aviano Italy at a school

School show in Aviano, Italy

photo from the top of the Island of Capri, Italy

the Island of Capri! Yes, we finally made it there.

Rick Moore, Rodney Kelley, Joe Mennitt, Donna Moore, Crystal Stupar in Aviano, Italy

Rick, Rodney, Joe, Donna, Crystal
Thank you Joe Mennitt for making every trip to Italy so very memorable!!!

photo of the Vatican in Rome

We made it to the Vatican! and yes, I actually got to pray with the Cardinals ... What a great experience.

Rick Moore, Donna Moore, Crystal Stupar, Rodney Kelley standing onstage with Armed Forces sign in Aviano, Italy

Before the show and ready to have a blast!

Rodney Kelley, Crystal Stupar, Rick Moore, Donna Moore in front of the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Pisa, Italy

The Leaning Tower of Pisa
with Rodney, Crystal, Rick, Donna - our show in Pisa Italy was fantastic!!!

Rodney Kelley, Donna Moore, Rick Moore in front of St. Marks Basilica in Venice, Italy

with Rodney, Donna, Rick
in front of St Mark's Basilica

With Vickie Jones in Sicily
Vickie was our show coordinator and showed us around the island ... Great Times in Italy! wish I could find photos of the meal we had a Mario''s! Thank you Vickie! We''ll never forget you .....

during one of our show in Italy
with Rick Moore and assistant from audience

Ready to fly Alitalia!
with Donna, Rod and Dave - Alitalia always seemed to have great food and great service .... no bread and water on this flight! ... We always looked forward to boarding Alitalia :) Gracie!

waiting in Rome to fly Alitalia!!
with Donna, Rick, Rodney - just a note: Air Italia has superb service!!!

With the Captain of the USS Emory
We did a show on the USS Emory and had a blast! ...(the meal was fantastic too!)

At the helm of the USS Emory!
The USS Emory - based off the island of La Maddalena, Italy

Rodney the Magician
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