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Children smiling after magic show!

Rodney the Magician

in Portugal!

Landing in the Lisbon airport! None of us had ever been to Portugal and it was truly a thrill for us all.

This is on the Island of Azores and they call it the "Running of the Bulls" and yes, they literally let bulls loose in the streets and everyone has a party while watching the braver men dodge and play with the bulls.

We're watching the "Running of the Bulls" and we're almost in disbelief at what is happening! Truly have never seen anything like this ever!

another shot of the "Running of the Bulls" if you'd like to read more about it, try this article, 
"Running of the Bulls"

this is a shot of our luggage with the show luggage in the Lisbon airport. we have somewhere around 1600 pounds of luggage and equipment!

Rodney Kelley, Donna Moore, Rick Moore posing in a green field on the island of Azores, Portugal beautiful photo!

beautiful island but windy, windy, windy!

Lajes Field Air Force Base - Azores Portugal

Rick, Rodney, Donna having coffee at Lisbon Airport

having coffee after flying across the Atlantic .... this extremely nice airport employee took us in the back and let us relax before flying to the Azores.

a view of the harbor on Azores Portugal

Azores, Portugal
can you even imagine having this view every day??!! ... Love it!

Rodney the Magician
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