Magician Rodney Kelley

Children smiling after magic show!

Rodney the Magician

in Turkey :)

In this photo we're on top of the Taurus Mountains in Turkey and our bus broke down. While the driver worked on the bus, we had fun!

Children posing after magic show

The largest Mosque in Turkey
The largest Mosque in Turkey and we were lucky enough to visit ... took them 10 years to build and it's beautiful....

Balloon animal frog

Incirlik Air Base - Adana, Turkey
one of our school shows

Glitter Tattoo infinity heart

Incirlik Air Base - Adana, Turkey
one of our school shows

USO Tour with Rodney Kelley, Rick Moore, David Turner at the Coliseum in Rome

Rick peforming at Incirlik Air Base -
Adana, Turkey

family having fun at Mexicali Grill

really can't say enough about how good the food was while we were there!

Magician Rodney Kelley promo photo

Mujdat's restaurant - Adana, Turkey with Seyhan!

kids at a birthday party sitting at table having cake

Crystal and one of our guides while in Izmir.

children watching Rodney the Magician performing balloon trick

Our trip to Washington to discuss the Tours

children watching comedy magic trick with Rodney the Magician

Having Lion''s Milk
Seyhan and I having Lion''s Milk - (yes Google that and you''ll see) - it''s pretty awesome! Everything about Seyhan was awesome!!

Dinner in Adana, Turkey
the food in Turkey is pretty awesome!

Golfing with Seyhan!
What a great day ... great game and great meal after.

another Fantastic dinner with Seyhan!

Donna and Mary
Mary is Seyhan''s wife and she''s so absolutely sweet ... we all wanted to spend more time with her, but show schedules only gave us a bit of time to visit with her.

We ate at the officers club the night before our show .... we took a look at the stage and layout after dinner.

Balloons for the kids...

Dinner at Abdulla''s House!
we had lamb and vegetables in the true Turkish style! with Rodney, Dave, Donna and Rick

at Mujdat''s Restaurant
doing their very famous Sock Trick - the Sock Trick, where the guest cuts their very own sock in half... I was the first to partake in this ritual and it''s a riot!! Mujdat''s is in Adana, Turkey

Stranded in the Taurus Mountains
when our bus broke down in the Taurus Mountains we had to have some kind of fun! so we made balloons and did some magic for our bus drivers.... not to mention the photos we took on the mountain ....

Our favorite store in Turkey
They sell jewelry and we loved speaking with them and visiting - their English was great and we ended up making balloons and doing magic for them!

Our group at the Grand Mosque in Adana, Turkey.

Seyhan and Brian Hilley
They both helped to make our trip as smooth and as successful as it could be .... Thank you guys!!!!

Rodney the Magician
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